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              Work at Micron. Change the world.

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              We're looking for brilliant, motivated people to help us change the world through innovation. Discover why working at Micron is right for you and start your career today.


              Go from education to innovation

              At Micron, you can take all that you have learned in school and turn it into real-world breakthroughs that power tomorrow's technology.

              Helping students start careers

              Translate your talent into a career. Micron helps you jumpstart your career through internship programs, resume building tips, new grad opportunities, an on-campus resources.

              Find jobs in your country

              Micron has locations and employment opportunities globally. We are always looking for talent who can take our technologies further — wherever that talent happens to be.

              Where in the world would you like to work?
              United States
              United States
              United Kingdom

              Micron benefits

              Health insurance

              A choice of medical, dental and vision plans are offered. Also offered are competitive life, disability insurance, paid maternity/paternity leave and more.

              Retirement plan

              A competitive 401(k) plan enables you to save for retirement. Choose to invest pre-tax or after-tax and from a portfolio of funds that can help you achieve your retirement goals.

              Employee stock purchase program

              Purchase Micron stock through our employee stock purchase program and you can get it at a discount.

              Paid time off

              Employees get paid time off. Your beginning rate starts at 5.31 hours per bi-weekly pay period. It increases annually up to 6.93 hours.

              Tuition support

              Micron makes resources available through tuition support and industry related courses that help employees expand and extend their knowledge through education.

              Training and education

              Micron works to provide world-class education opportunities. We link learners and educators from around the world to help expand your job skills and understanding.